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At Custom Knives of Texas, top quality is all we do. We carry a large selection of custom knives made all over the world and we are proud authorized dealers of Microtech Knives. 

Microtech Knives

Through the years Microtech Knives has infused passion and skill into making works of art that are an apex of functionality and form. They keep pushing boundaries and improving on what they already know works. In 2019 Microtech Knives has grown into a leading cutlery brand, always evolving and moving forward using the latest technology.

Custom Designs

Custom Knives Texas works with old world craftsmen who hand make every part of our knives. No two knives are exactly the same.  We can have anything you can imagine custom made just for you. When you hold and feel one of our handmade knives, you will be able to notice the fine detail work and appreciate the time-tested skill of our craftsmen.

The Best Custom Knives in Texas

Custom Knives Texas is the best place to acquire your handbuilt custom knife. We source the best custom knives from all over the world to bring you the best deals in custom handmade knives anywhere. We only choose the very best designs we know will work in the real world. Custom Knives Texas guarantees the quality craftsmanship you would expect from a custom Damascus steel knife. If you are reading this, you know knives or know someone who does. We invite to read through and learn about the time and quality craftsmanship that goes into each of our custom Damascus steel blades and exotic wood and bone grips.

Toby Troquille, Owner
Custom Knives TX / The Watchmaker

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Toby Troquille, Owner
Custom Knives TX / The Watchmaker


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