Microtech Configurations

Blade Styles

We pride ourselves in our time proven blade styles. Each blade is built to the highest tolerance and each design is at its pinnacle in craftsmanship. A Microtech® blade stands out above the rest! View our inventory list to see what is currently available.


Blade Serrations

Over the years Microtech has produced several serrations for their blades. Currently these are the various serrations being manufactured for 2019. We cannot guarantee availability for any style as we release different configurations over time. If you are interested in a certain serration, click here to view our inventory or contact us directly.


Blade Finishes

Our primary blade finishes for 2019 are Black, Stonewashed, Apocalyptic, and Satin. We also do polished on certain runs when a custom unit is completed. Please refer to our inventory list to see what we are offering currently. 



We have three standard variations for hardware. This includes, firing trigger, glass breaker, proprietary screws, and clip. Please note that any color combination can be on a production run at any given time.


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